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Samit Gupta
Vice President of SFI

Founder and C.E.O of Neulife, India’s first sports nutrition company. Samit aims to provide accessibility of Sports Nutritional Supplements from leading international brands to India.


He believes in making no compromises on the quality and genuinity of the nutritional supplements along with meeting the highest standards.


"Neulife has always been at the heart of the fitness industry, having pioneered the category of sports nutrition since 1999. Strongest Indian is the perfect culmination of years of effort and contribution towards the sport of strength, which is finally getting its due recognition within the fitness industry."

Rizwan Sayed
Vice President of SFI

Founder and Director of Your Fitness Club (YFC), Rizwan Sayed is labelled as the youngest entrepreneur in the fitness industry and ranked among the Top 100 Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) for two years in a row.

He owns 18 gyms across eight cities in India. It’s his meticulous approach that has made YFC a safe and a conducive facility for the end users.


" My first ambition was to be as physically strong as I could be. But the entrepreneur in me could not be ignored and hence, today, my goal is to provide facilities across the country that cater to the strength and fitness of the nation. Through YFC - Your Fitness Club, I wish to make a strong India. The Strongest Indian is a God sent opportunity for me to further my goal. Hence, my brand YFC clubs across India will be the facilities where the athletes will train to earn glory at the Strongest Indian. They will also be the venues for the elimination rounds before the finals."


Steel Strength Productions LLP and Media World Ventures Limited in association with Strongman Federation of India (SFI) are proud to conceptualize, produce and market India’s first ever strength based reality show ‘Strongest Indian’.


Steel Strength Productions is a company co-founded by K11 Fitness Private Limited – India’s leading fitness academy, Neulife - India’s no. 1 Sports Nutrition Company and Your Fitness Club (YFC) – the fastest growing chain of gyms in India. Media World Ventures Limited, an integrated media & entertainment company having all services in–house, is the official production and marketing partner for the show.


SFI is the new affiliate member and the official federation representing India at World Strongmen Federation (WSF). Executive committee members of WSF have elected a new President and Vice President, Mr. Pradeep Baba Madhok and Mr. Kaizzad Capadia respectively for SFI.


SFI will be headed by Pradeep Baba Madhok, Kaizzad Capadia and the committee members on board will be Samit Gupta, Rizwan Sayed, Roshan Roddrigues, Pardeep Chibb, Kalyani Tilak Capadia and Purabee Jhaveri as the office bearers of this federation.

Pradeep Baba Madhok
President of World Strongmen Federation (WSF) and Strongman Federation of India (SFI)

Baba is the ex-President of Indian Bodybuilders Federation (IBBF) (which is recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports) and ex-President of the World Bodybuilding and Physique sports Federation (WBPF).


He continues to be the first and only Indian till date to be elected as the World President of a bodybuilding federation.
He is also a leading educationist in India, having over 25 educational institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


"Since ancient times, there have been several competitions across the globe, be it in Rome during the Colosseum times or be it in Mahabharata. Those passionate about strength always carry a desire to look and feel robust and to leave an impact on the public. World Strongmen Federation is one such platform that provides opportunities to people across all strength sports as well as a normal healthy human beings to show off and prove their strength supremacy to the world. We have a complete transparency in judgment and an ongoing excitement in each level of this sporting event. For example, a competitor pulling a truck can be judged by bare eyes as a winner over other competitors who pulls the truck either slower than the latter or does not pull at all. So this is a game of pure strength (devoid of drugs (anabolic)) and a true sporting event."

Kaizzad Capadia
Vice President of World Strongmen Federation (WSF) and Strongman Federation of India (SFI)

Kaizzad is the Founder and Director of K11 Fitness Academy, responsible for training over 30,000 students in the fitness industry.

He is a pioneer of the fitness industry since two decades. Along with his team, he conducts workshops & seminars on strength based training, fitness and nutrition.


"The K11 Fitness Academy has been the torch bearer of strength training sciences in the country. We have been teaching, preaching, and practicing the fact that along with endurance and flexibility, it is extremely important for any man and woman to equally emphasize physical strength to be truly fit. Strength training is the form of exercise that is the most closely related to anti-aging.

For education to really penetrate, I recognize the importance of an exciting event. Towards this goal, I decided to have India’s first WSF approved strength event – Strongest Indian.

Whether you’re interested in fitness or strength, no one can ignore the unbelievable feats of strength that will be showcased at the Strongest Indian. Cars will be lifted, trucks will be pulled, huge boulders will be lifted; I expect the whole country to be riveted by these super humans of India. It’s time they got their share of the glory."

Roshan Roddrigues
Vice President of SFI, PR & Marketing

Founder and CEO of Media World Ventures Limited, the first end to end media integrated company specializing in media and entertainment solutions.


Roshan’s core competency lies inconceptualising and producing Intellectual Properties (IPs) and branded content along with creating brand strategy, brand positioning, brand identity, brand loyalty and brand engagement for various clients.

Kalyani Tilak Capadia
Treasurer of SFI

CEO of K11 Fitness Academy, Kalyani is a former nationally ranked Kabbadi player along with being a successful personal trainer.


Her excellent business and development skills ensure perfection in revenue generation activities ensuring K11’s growth.


She has also been responsible for the effective team development at K11.

Pardeep Kumar
Vice President of SFI

Founder of Flex Body Liners Health Clubs and Appu’s gym. Pardeep has won titles from several bodybuilding championships in North India like Mr Ludhiana (2003 & 2004), awarded with best poser in Punjab (2005), Mr. Punjab runner up in 2005 etc. He is the Joint Secretary of the North Indian Bodybuilding Association and has been a part of the judge panel at the Indian and Asian Bodybuilding Championships. Along with coaching fitness enthusiasts, he is actively involved and is the Sr. Vice President of Anti-Corruption Organizations and several NGO’s in North India.  

Purabee Jhaveri
Head of Women’s Wing of SFI

Co-Founder and President of Media World Ventures Limited. The company specializes in media and entertainment solutions. Services right from creative P.R., digital & social media, animation, post production, television production and camera rentals to conceptualizing and producing IPs is done in house, aiming to cater to brands across India.
Purabee’s strength lies in a perfect balance between creative and business sense. She is also responsible for building and nurturing client relations and business development activities.

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